The research and development in the area of road mobility allows us to offer a range of innovative products of high technology in the following applications:

  • Monitoring of vehicular traffic
  • Intelligent management of signalized intersections
  • Monitoring of parking areas



  • Studies of noise impact due to the exercise of transport infrastructure
  • Studies of noise impact due to building activities
  • Studies of noise impact due to production activities
  • Evaluation of the noise pollution for new housing developments
  • Plans for noise classification of municipalities
  • Plans for noise abatement
  • Studies on the impact of dust and other gaseous pollutants
  • Monitoring of noise and vibration
  • Monitoring of dust and gaseous pollutants
  • Monitoring of traffic flows on road network




September 2015

Nabla Quadro participates as a speaker at the conference "Innovative solutions for sustainable mobility" sponsored by City of Guidonia Montecelio - Smart City Department during the European Mobility Week 2015. Our speech is about intelligent traffic light management using "Sky Light Intersection System" for real time traffic monitoring and traffic light control. Click here to see the conference programme and all the related events.

July 2015

Trento City Council chose to install Sky Light Systems by Nabla Quadro. The sensors will detect whether a bay is vacant or not, as well as monitor traffic flows across the road network. The project started in April 2015. The installation has been rolled out and successfully completed at the end of July 2015. The project involves two different areas in the city of Trento. One system is aimed to count vehicles, while the other one is a complete instrument for counting, vehicle classification by length and parking bays monitoring. Check out the photos here.

June 2015

In June 2015 Roma Servizi per la Mobilità srl installed Sky Light Intersection System by Nabla Quadro in via Nomentana in Rome. The installation involves some lanes opened to every kind of vehicles and some other lanes reserved to public transportation and taxi. The monitoring stations are composed of 3 wireless sensors for each direction of travel and a HUB for coordination and interface.

June 2015

On the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the opening of the urban railway "Roma - Giardinetti", Roma Servizi per la Mobilità srl (Roman company for mobility services) installed Sky Light Systems by Nabla Quadro. The purpose is to monitor traffic flows involving roads and railway in via Casilina in Rome. Four Sky Light Sensors are aimed at car detection, while two sensors have been placed between tha rails to monitor train traffic. This is the first case of a wireless sensor network for traffic monitoring. Check out the photos here.

March 2015

IO Roma, official magazine of Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Roma, published a study by Ruggero Rosati and his engineer colleagues about sensors for traffic light management, including Sky Light Sensor in traffic version. You can read the paper in Italian here.

February 2015

Ruggero Rosati, CEO and co-founder at Nabla Quadro, gives a conference talk about real-time dynamic traffic light control systems based on wireless sensor networks. It is an event organised by Ordine degli Ingegneri of Rome Province. His speech describes the field testing of Sky Light Sensor to detect trams along the route for traffic signal coordination.

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