November 2018

Nabla Quadro accredited testing laboratory has been licensed to perform tests according to the most recent edition of the European standard EN 1793-6:2018 Road traffic noise reducing devices - Test method for determining the acoustic performance - Part 6: Intrinsic characteristics - In situ values of airborne sound insulation under direct sound field conditions. For futher details please visit ACCREDIA databases.

October 2017

Roma Servizi per la Mobilità extended the adaptive traffic light management system with wireless sensors in the City of Rome. After the successful projects in via Nomentana, via Casilina and via Aldrovandi, Sky Light Sensors have been installed along the tramway route number 2 between Piazzale Flaminio and Piazza Mancini. The railway is mostly situated in a reserved lane but sometimes (as crossroads or turns) they merge with lanes dedicated to private transportation. The system monitors the tramway and also the surrounding streets with private vehicles. Take a look at the pictures.



traffic light sensor rome


August 2017

Together with I-Tel S.r.l., Nabla Quadro is involved in a project of smart mobility and social inclusion in Cerignola (FG). Twenty-five parking sensors has been installed in the parking spaces reserved to disabled people. The sensors detect the occupation of single parking spaces and send data to the server. Parking data are associated to the identification of the entitled people who check in with a dedicated mobile app. In this way the system is able to detect illegal situations automatically and inform city traffic policemen.



smart parking system

March 2017

Nabla Quadro started an R&D project to upgrade the Sky Light Sensor – Parking Version, which is based on optical and magnetic detection principle. The aim is to optimise this device to monitor aircraft parked at an airport stand, where aircrafts head towards after landing. The output is a brand-new product: Sky Light Aircraft System. Its main purpose is to solve the issue of knowing exactly when an aircraft occupies a stand, and also doing it in real time. In fact, airports don't have any certified system that is able to state the exact block-on and block-off times for airplanes in the remote stands. There are often inconsistencies between the communications made by airline pilots and ground handling operators. Sky Light Aircraft System is a wireless system to monitor individual stands, giving the exact block-on and block-off times. In this way, the airport is able to provide official and accurate data, avoiding misunderstandings between airlines and ground handling companies. The test site is inside the Milan Malpensa Airport, which is managed by SEA Aeroporti di Milano SpA. The installation involves 18 airport stands within the Terminal 2. The system will be monitored for 12 months, in order to evaluate the performance of the system in any meteorological condition and temperature.





sky light aircraft system malpensa airport



December 2016

Nabla Quadro and La Semaforica srl started a pilot experiment to evaluate an innovative wireless system for Translohr train detection approaching to crossroads. Translohr is a rubber-trained tramway system for urban applications. It sometimes has a dedicated street lane while other times can share its path with normal vehicles. The wireless detection system has been installed in Padua at the end of 2016


wireless sensors tram train


June 2016

One year after the presentation of CNR Smart Cities Project, new technologies and innovative solutions are still demonstrating that Smart Cities are more viable than ever. Our contribution in the MOBILITY area has been the implementation of a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) for traffic and parking monitoring. Learn more about CNR projects here.

September 2015

Nabla Quadro participates as a speaker at the conference "Innovative solutions for sustainable mobility" sponsored by City of Guidonia Montecelio - Smart City Department during the European Mobility Week 2015. Our speech is about intelligent traffic light management using "Sky Light Intersection System" for real time traffic monitoring and traffic light control. Click here to see the conference programme and all the related events.

July 2015

Trento City Council chose to install Sky Light Systems by Nabla Quadro. The sensors will detect whether a bay is vacant or not, as well as monitor traffic flows across the road network. The project started in April 2015. The installation has been rolled out and successfully completed at the end of July 2015. The project involves two different areas in the city of Trento. One system is aimed to count vehicles, while the other one is a complete instrument for counting, vehicle classification by length and parking bays monitoring. Check out the photos here.

June 2015

In June 2015 Roma Servizi per la Mobilità srl installed Sky Light Intersection System by Nabla Quadro in via Nomentana in Rome. The installation involves some lanes opened to every kind of vehicles and some other lanes reserved to public transportation and taxi. The monitoring stations are composed of 3 wireless sensors for each direction of travel and a HUB for coordination and interface.


June 2015

On the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the opening of the urban railway "Roma - Giardinetti", Roma Servizi per la Mobilità srl (Roman company for mobility services) installed Sky Light Systems by Nabla Quadro. The purpose is to monitor traffic flows involving roads and railway in via Casilina in Rome. Four Sky Light Sensors are aimed at car detection, while two sensors have been placed between tha rails to monitor train traffic. This is the first case of a wireless sensor network for traffic monitoring. Check out the photos here.


March 2015

IO Roma, official magazine of Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Roma, published a study by Ruggero Rosati and his engineer colleagues about sensors for traffic light management, including Sky Light Sensor in traffic version. You can read the paper in Italian here.

February 2015

Ruggero Rosati, CEO and co-founder at Nabla Quadro, gives a conference talk about real-time dynamic traffic light control systems based on wireless sensor networks. It is an event organised by Ordine degli Ingegneri of Rome Province. His speech describes the field testing of Sky Light Sensor to detect trams along the route for traffic signal coordination.

October 2014

Nabla Quadro exhibits at Meet IoT and Maker Faire Rome 2014, the events during the Innovation Week hosting innovators from all over the world.



July 2014

Funding member and CEO at Nabla Quadro, Ruggero Rosati, is interviewed by the magazine "Il dirigente". Read the article "Storie di buone connessioni".

June 2014

By the joint effort of Nabla Quadro and I-Tel Sm@rtPark borns, a smart parking system that allows drivers to see free parking spaces on a map on their smartphone, start and end a parking session, book a parking spot and pay by phone through a multi-channel system composed of smartphone application, sms and phone calls.

May 2014

Nabla Quadro in partnership with Chartered Systems Integration (CSI), a Zimbabwean company leader in ICT, launches a 4th generation smart parking system made up of Sky Light Parking System and the management software ProPark.


January 2014

Nabla Quadro applies to SYNCRO, an innovative European project to develop a smart road system, from road/car sensors to smart data collection.


September 2013

Nabla Quadro participates as a speaker at the event "SmartMobilityWorld" of Turin with a speech entitled: "Wireless sensor networks for parking management in real time".

February 2013

The Consortium of Castel Romano renews the contract for the provision of traffic data within their areas. Carlo Scarchilli, president of the consortium of Castel Romano: "Thanks to Nabla Quadro technology we are constantly updated on the traffic flows circulating in the Consortium of Castel Romano. This allows us to better plan and evaluate the possible expansion activities of the Consortium".

December 2012

Nabla Quadro provides, upon the request of the "Smart Service Cooperation Lab" (Centre of Excellence, based in Bologna, result of a collaboration agreement between the Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation (MIUR), the National Research Council (CNR) and Telecom Italia S.p.A.), a complete system of relief "Sky Light Parking System". The system will be used in a pilot project at the "Smart Cities Test Plant" (Research Area of CNR - Bologna).



December 2012

Nabla Quadro successfully completes the project focused to the use of Sky Light Sensor in the regulation of traffic light intersections Sky Light Intersection System. The project was selected in the "ESA BIC Italy Incubation", an initiative born from the collaboration of BIC Lazio spa and the European Space Agency (ESA).

October 2012

Within the project Sky Light Intersection System (ESA BIC Italy Incubation), Nabla Quadro install, at an signalized intersection of Genoa, a system consisting of wireless sensors "Sky Light Sensor" a Repeater and an Interface Card . Purpose of the installation is to compare the accuracy in the counting of wireless sensors Sky Light Sensor comparing them with the technology today considered to be the reference (inductive loops).

Maggio 2012

Nabla Quadro participates as a speaker at the event "Ten Years After: an Overview on Emerging Innovative Technologies" organized by AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association) - Rome, School of transmissions and Planning - May 23, 2012.

September 2011

Nabla Quadro participates as a speaker at the workshop: "The concept of Smart Cities - Technology and innovations close to the territory", organized by "Officine dell'innovazione" of the Province of Rome - Frascati (Rome), 23/9/2011 - with a speech entitled: "Wireless sensors for intelligent management of traffic and parking."

February 2011

Nabla Quadro starts the project for the use of Sky Light Sensor for the the intelligent management of signalized intersections. The project is selected in the "ESA Incubation BIC Italy", an initiative born from the collaboration of BIC Lazio SpA and the European Space Agency (ESA).

October 2010

Nabla Quadro participates as a speaker at the event "Smart ICT Innovation for Transport & Opportunities for European SMEs" - Genoa, October 13, 2010 - with a speech entitled: "New wireless sensor for intelligent management of signalized intersections."

October 2010

Nabla Quadro is exhibitor at the "SMAU" - FIERAMILANOCITY, 20-22 October 2010 -

July 2010

Thanks to the innovative content of their business proposal, Nabla Quadro has been selected by BIC Lazio SpA (In-house company of the Lazio Region) and operates in the ITECH incubator at the Tiburtino Tecnology Park of Rome

June 2010

Nabla Quadro, along with the 25 most innovative start-ups in the European scene, is a finalist in the "Smart EBN Entrepreneurship Competition 2010" - BURGOS (SPAIN), June 30-July 2, 2010. It's ranked 2nd place in the category "Total Services Models".

May 2010

Nabla Quadro is exhibitor at "FORUM_PA" - EXHIBITION OF ROME, 17-20 May 2010.


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