It's a common experience that individual mobility is limited, especially in urban areas, by scarcity of resources offered from the road. Congestion, traffic jams and queues involve damage to the community in terms of higher transport costs (energy waste, lost working hours, etc.) and in terms of noise pollution and air pollution.

The causes can be attributed to inadequate road network in qualitative / quantitative terms but also and especially to an inefficient use of the same. It is not rare the case that some roads are heavily congested while others which would constitute a good alternative to the first, appear free.

In order to contribute to improve the conditions for mobility we need, among other things:

  • Designing new road infrastructure on the basis of real volumes of traffic circulating in the area concerned;
  • Programming maintenance as a function of the dynamics of traffic flows that insist on the main road;
  • Enable a more efficient use of the road network disseminating information in real time on the traffic situation (Infomobility) and adjusting the signalized intersections as a function of vehicle flows that contribute the intersection;
  • Facilitate access to parking areas by reducing the time required to stop.

In this context, the Nabla Quadro has developed the following wireless systems for monitoring traffic flow and parking areas:

  1. SKY LIGHT SENSOR - TRAFFIC VERSION: Wireless sensor for automatic detection of the transit of a vehicle;
  2. SKY LIGHT SENSOR - PARKING VERSION: Wireless sensor for automatic detection of the parking of a vehicle;
  3. SKY LIGHT MONITORING SYSTEM: A system for traffic flows monitoring;
  4. SKY LIGHT INTERSECTION SYSTEM: A system for the intelligent management of signalized intersections;
  5. SKY LIGHT PARKING SYSTEM: A system for parking lot monitoring in pubblic/private/reserved parking areas
  6. SKY LIGHT AIRCRAFT SYSTEM: A system for measuring in-block and off-block times of aircraft parked in airport remote stands.

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