Intelligent traffic light control

The Sky Light Sensor can be integrated with automatic traffic light control and therefore are proposed as a real alternative to the use of inductive loops.

The intersections, which are often characterized by the presence of vehicles queued, represent an ideal application for Sky Light Sensor due to the excellent performance of the device in congested traffic conditions.

Using a radio repeater, you can place the sensors even at considerable distances from the crossing, without the need for expensive wire connections that are necessary in case of use of magnetic loops.

The signal transmitted by sensors is directly received by Sky Light Interface Card, which integrates the features of our Sky Light Hub and of a 16 channel dry contact card. In this way the events collected from Sky Light Sensor (Traffic version) trigger the activation of dry contacts exactly as inductive loops.

The possibility to connect up to 16 sensors to each card allows to manage medium and large road intersections using a single interface card, so to make this system highly competitive if compared to traditional inductive loop traffic control systems.


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