System for traffic flows monitoring

System for traffic flows monitoring that can automatically send data to a central processing and storage. It is possible to create archives of data on traffic flows that can provide additional elements for the development of road infrastructure (design) and for programming of the interventions on the existing infrastructure (management). Furthermore, the data could be made public to provide a infomobility service (variable message panel, internet, mobile phones, navigation systems, radios, etc.)

The system consists of:sky light monitoring system

  • Sky Light Sensor - in-road sensor for the relief of transit flow
  • Access Point - it receives data from sensors and sends out to FTP server
  • Sky Light Solver - software for data processing


General Scheme

The general scheme of a section of road monitoring typically involves the installation of a Sky Light Sensor for each lane. For lanes wider than 3 m is possible to install multiple sensors in order to leave a distance "sensor to sensor" and "sensors to the edge of the lane" less than 1.50 m.


For the classification of the vehicle (length) and the relief of speed we need to install two sensors called "Master" and "Slave" to a longitudinal distance between them of about 3-4 m.

The number of sensors to be installed on the lines "Master" and "Slave" depends by the width of the lane, with the constraint that the horizontal distance between sensors is less than 1.5 m. The master and slave sensors are horizzontally offset by 0.75 m

The following pictures show some typical configurations depending on the road section and the width of the lane:

The sensors send wireless (868 MHz) data to an Access Point, which is installed at the roadside and powered by 20 W solar panel.
The AP sends the data automatically to an FTP server via GPRS. Delivery of data is
on any time-based. The time is pre-selectable by the user.

Sky Light Solver software allows processing of data and their organization in a local database.


  • Easy installation: wireless technology reduces installation time in the pavement.
  • Permanent installation: provide data on any time basis (single transit, hours, days, weeks, months, etc.).
  • Innovative technology: not affected by problems typical of other devices in the case of heavily congested traffic or vehicles in queue.
  • Easy installation and maintenance resulting in significant reduction in costs of providing the service.
  • Independent Power Supply: 8-year of battery life.
  • Relief of speed and length of each vehicle by installing multiple (Master and Slave) sensors for each lane.

Learn more:

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