Wireless sensor for automatic detection of parking bay occupancy

Wireless device for the automatic detection of the parking of vehicles, designed engineered and manufactured by Nabla Quadro.

The "Sky Light Sensor" is proposed as an success alternative to the current devices used in the field of sustainable mobility and intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

The sensor is placed at the center of the parking bay. It automatically sends the data to a Repeater typically placed on poles of public lighting and battery powered. The repeater automatically forwards the message to the Access Point located near the parking area and tipically powered by small photovoltaic system. Wireless communication is carried out on 868 Mhz frequency (ISM Band).

The relief is carried out through a Triple combination technology:

  • incident ambient light
  • IR emitter
  • magnetic field.

It is therefore able to operate even in adverse weather conditions, in the presence of dirt and snow.
It does not require any calibration.


  • Allows the detection of individual parking spaces occupancy within the public and private parking
  • Triple Technology Sensor (incident ambient light, IR emitter, magnetic field)
  • Self calibrating
  • Quick installation (wireless technology simplifies the installation)
  • Flexible integration with parking management applications
  • Low power consumption (more than 10 years of battery life)
  • Easy maintenance (the presence of an outer casing allow a simple and quick replacement of the sensor in 5 minutes)
  • Italian Patent n° 0001379287  -  30/08/10
  • European Patent W0 2009 74961


  • Detection of occupation state of parking bays within the public and private parking
  • Detection of occupation state of reserved parking bays (loading and unloading of goods, persons with disabilities, etc.)


Sky Light Sensor is also available in LoRaWAN version.

One of the main benefits is that LoRaWAN radio system doesn’t require to use repeaters and dedicated gateways to transmit data to the server, provided that the urban area has LoRaWAN network coverage.

Learn more

View and download the data sheet of the Sky Light Sensor Parking Version (.Pdf)

View and download the description of Sky Light Parking System: LoRaWAN + beacon connectivity (.pdf)

View and download the presentation of the Sky Light Systems (.Pdf)

View the video of the Sky Light Sensor installation

View the video for the maintenance of the Sky Light Sensor

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