Wireless sensor for detecting the transit of a vehicle


Wireless device for the automatic detection of the transit of vehicles, designed engineered and manufactured by Nabla Quadro.

The "Sky Light Sensor" is proposed as an success alternative to the current devices used in the field of sustainable mobility and intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

The sensor is placed within the road surface. It automatically sends the data to an Access Point located at the roadside using a wireless protocol (ZigBee - 868 MHz).

Triple Technology: during the daytime the sensor allows the measurement of the vehicle by analyzing the dynamics of the incident ambient light on the roadway. In the night time the device uses an artificial light produced by an infrared LED source integrated in the sensor, detecting the light reflected from the bottom of the vehicle. The sensor is also equipped with a magnetic sensor for operation even in case of the presence of dirt or snow.

  • Provides the count and the estimated speed of traffic flow
  • Allows the measurement of the speed and length classification for each vehicle by installing multiple Sky Light Sensor (Master-Slave) for each lane
  • Provides the temperature of the road surface
  • Quick and easy installation (wireless technology allows the installation of a sensor in about 15 minutes, using standard equipment and building materials)
  • Easy maintenance (the presence of an outer casing allow a simple and quick replacement of the sensor in 5 minutes)
  • Completely independent power (up to 6 years battery life)
  • High performance in congested traffic (the principle of operation, the electronics and detector algorithm, allow a correct relief even in congested traffic flow)
  • Italian Patent No. 0001379287 of 30/08/10;
  • European Patent W0 2009 74961


  • Traffic monitoring (infomobility)
  • Intelligent management of signalized intersections (Urban Traffic Control)

Learn more

View and download the data sheet of the Sky Light Sensor Traffic Version (.pdf)

View and download the presentation of the Sky Light Systems (.pdf)

View the video of the Sky Light Sensor installation

View the video for the maintenance of the Sky Light Sensor


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