Data processing software

Allows processing of data sent from the access point to the ftp server.


Creates "traffic stations" characterized by the following information:

  • location, address, GPS coordinates, general description;
  • number of lanes monitored;
  • number of sensors lines with lanes association (more lines per lane avoid the passage of vehicles between two sensors);
  • presence and position of slave sensors to measure the speed.


  • Importing files sent by the Access Point on the FTP site to create an organized database for each traffic station.
  • Speed calculating of individual transits (if there are any slave sensors; alternatively historical-statistical speed assessment by "occupation time" parameter).
  • Classification of vehicles by classes of length (if there are any slave sensors).
  • Elimination of invalid transit, defined by parameters such as maximum permissible speed, maximum and minimum allowable length.
  • Elimination of possible multiple events associated with individual vehicles simultaneously occupying the position of two sensors (in case of multiple sensors lines for each lane).
  • Aggregation of data per lane and travel direction.
  • Processing tables with values flow, average speed and vehicular density on a pre-scheduled time basis.
  • Export of tables in Excel compatible format.



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