This system enables entrance and exit monitoring of parking lots, loading/unloading bays or access control gates, giving information on the number and the type of incoming and outgoing vehicles as well as their speed. The basic version provides only the number of incoming and outgoing vehicles (virtual gate).

Through the integration with VMPs or mobile applications, users are given access to critical information regarding the number of incoming and outgoing vehicles in order to enter the parking lot and to check the availability of any vacant parking places.

All relevant data, as well as information messages, are displayed on multiple message signs, notified via mobile app or sent by email or SMS.




The system comprises:


BACK-OFFICE INTERFACE to give real-time monitoring of incoming and outgoing vehicles.

It includes a broadcast, multicast or direct messaging module to communicate with users according to their position and profile (if provided). This module enables the display of sponsored promotional messages which can contribute to pay service costs.

It allows to:

  • determine the threshold levels of the number of incoming vehicles in order to send relevant notifications;
  • set parameters for email or SMS notifications, or direct integration with third party applications;
  • set up messages on VMPs (if provided);
  • manage data of traffic sensors (as well as their performance).

The system provides also reporting and documentation functionalities.


MOBILE APPLICATION FOR END USERS to check the availability and reservation of loading/unloading bays and parking places. Closest parking lots, en-route and vacant bays are given according to distance and travel times.

The app gives access to statistical data and real-time information on occupancy rates, and displays services and/or promotional messages from the managing company.


MOBILE APPLICATION FOR PARKING AREA MANAGERS to monitor real-time information on occupancy rates, reservations, options, check-in, check-out and parking violations.

It allows users to send and display notification messages.


Target market

Companies, organizations, corporations and entities which own parking lots; shopping malls, sports, fair and event centers; airports, freight terminals and logistics centers; compounds and residential/tourist areas. i.e. areas that require the monitoring and managing of traffic flows.

Public (municipalities, provinces, regions) and private road infrastructure companies.


Key features

This solution allows the implementation of monitoring, management and information services related to parking lots in delimited areas, with the aim of increasing the quality of user-friendly services that improve the quality of everyday life. It also provides real-time information on traffic flows, as provided by Directive 2010/40/UE (Title: Directive 2010/40/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 July 2010 on the framework for the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in the field of road transport and for interfaces with other modes of transport).

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