The system gives prompt identification of no-stop zones occupied by unauthorized vehicles obstructing traffic flows or vehicles which are illegally standing in a reserved place (e.g. bays reserved for first-aid vehicles, public-service vehicles, etc). The system notifies these situations to the official public bodies/operators in-charge of towing and ticketing.

The system comprises:


BACK-OFFICE INTERFACE to monitor no-stop zones and any illegally parked cars.

It enables the management of no-stop zone databases and parking sensors (as well as their performance).

It includes a messaging module via mobile applications, SMS or automatic outbound phone calls.

The system provides also reporting and documentation functionalities.


MOBILE APPLICATION FOR OPERATORS in charge of monitoring, towing and ticketing.

It displays the occupation of no-stop zones by vehicles obstructing traffic flows or illegally parked.


VOICE/SMS APPLICATION FOR OPERATORS in charge of monitoring, towing and ticketing.

It launches automatic outbound phone calls and/or SMS to notify the need for intervention.

It displays service messages sent by the managing company.


Target market

Both public (municipalities, provinces, regions) and private road infrastructure companies.

Public and private parking management companies.

Shopping malls, sports, fair and event centers; airports, freight terminals and logistics centers; compounds and residential/tourist areas i.e. no-stop zones which require monitoring and managing.

Key features

This solution allows the prompt identification of traffic obstructions due to illegally parked vehicles near driveways, intersections or turns, maneuver areas and, in general, where critical traffic situations can be found, causing traffic disruptions or dangerous situations.

Parking violations can be detected, so as towing operations can be immediate in order to minimize risks and disruptions.

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