Acoustical engineering

The design of a new transport infrastructure, as well as the renovation of existing ones, requires an in-depth analysis to assess the acoustic impact and to plan noise reduction solutions if needed. Nabla Quadro has a long experience in analysis and mitigation of the environmental impact caused by the construction and operation of a transport infrastructure.

Thanks to our experience and specific software for acoustic analysis to give our customers the following services.

  • Noise impact assessment related to transport infrastructure (roads, railways, airports)
  • Noise impact assessment related to construction works and industrial sites
  • Noise forecast evaluation with advanced modeling software
  • Noise barrier planning for transport infrastructures.
  • Noise barrier planning for construction works and industrial sites
  • Noise mitigation projects
  • Noise assessment for new for new housing construction
  • Strategic noise mapping
  • Acoustic mitigation planning
  • Acoustic zoning
  • Forecast evaluation of vibration impact
  • Planning, operation and coordination of Environmental Monitoring projects
  • Indoor acoustics