TOMMY for parking reserved to disabled people


TOMMY is a patented device owned by ACI that comes from an idea by an Italian journalist and father of an autistic boy, who was tired of seeing the parking spot reserved to his disabled child always occupied by uncivil motorists. For this reason, he thought about installing a device to be installed in disabled parking bays to prevent violations.

The first version of the device was a remote-controlled parking bollard, but they put the idea aside because the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has forbidden its use. So the device has been completely reinvented. The second version is a plate installed in each parking bay. The plate contains an alarm that sounds when a vehicle parks in the spot, just like an anti-theft alarm. The alarm can only be turned off by a remote controller given to the person entitled to park in that specific spot.

The detection technology integrated into the plate is a Sky Light Parking Sensor by Nabla Quadro.

During September 2018, 150 TOMMY devices have been installed in Rome and more and more people are requesting to test the sensors in their reserved parking spaces.


Wireless sensor for parking bay occupancy detection


TOMMY for parking reserved to disabled people
TOMMY for disabled parking

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