Nabla Quadro creates Sky Light Aircraft System

Nabla Quadro started an R&D project to upgrade the Sky Light Sensor – Parking Version, which is based on optical and magnetic detection principle. The aim is to optimise this device to monitor aircraft parked at an airport stand, where aircrafts head towards after landing. The output is a brand-new product: Sky Light Aircraft System. Its main purpose is to solve the issue of knowing exactly when an aircraft occupies a stand, and also doing it in real time. In fact, airports don’t have any certified system that is able to state the exact in-block and off-block times for airplanes in the remote stands. There are often inconsistencies between the communications made by airline pilots and ground handling operators. Sky Light Aircraft System is a wireless system to monitor individual stands, giving the exact block-on and block-off times. In this way, the airport is able to provide official and accurate data, avoiding misunderstandings between airlines and ground handling companies. The test site is inside the Milan Malpensa Airport, which is managed by SEA Aeroporti di Milano SpA. The installation involves 18 airport stands within the Terminal 2. The system will be monitored for 12 months, in order to evaluate the performance of the system in any meteorological condition and temperature.