In-block and off-block time

Knowing the exact time when an aircraft lands and takes off from is crucial to an effective airport operation management, especially in the airside.

In-blocks” means that an aircraft has arrived in the parking position and parking brakes are activated. “Off blocks” is the moment when an aircraft starts to move from the parking position and prepares to taxi and take off.

The exact arrival time of aircraft that is connected to the jet bridge can be determined with accuracy. On the contrary, aircraft assigned to remote stands are usually not monitored with technological equipment and the communication of the arrival and departure time is made by pilots.

There are often inconsistencies between communications made by airline pilots and ground handling operators. This leads to management inefficiency, meaning delays and fines.

In-block and off-block time

A possible solution is to use sensors to detect the exact moment when an aircraft arrives and leaves. This system can communicate data to the airport management system automatically.

For this reason, Sky Light Sensor has been improved and upgraded, as well as tested in the airside of the Milano Malpensa Airport during all the R&D steps. This process has made it possible to realise a sensor with outstanding accuracy. At present, the system is working in Terminal 2 of the airport.

Sky Light Sensor uses LoRaWAN technology for data transmission. It is also equipped with Beacon BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, which is useful to recognise users. For example, it may be used by operators from handling companies that work nearby the parking stands.



Elimination of weak points of wiring as layout restrictions and cable break


The arrangement of the sensors inside the parking stand is optimised to avoid errors


Easy and fast operations during road maintenance activities


Data are available to be integrated directly into the AODB or other airport management software


Wireless sensor for aircraft parking stand monitoring


Aircraft stand monitoring in Milano Malpensa Airport
Aircraft parking monitoring

Sky Light Aircraft System was born in July 2015…

Gate access control
Taxi access at MXP Airport

A test to integrate sensors into the access management system …