LoRaRTS – Road Temperature Sensor

LoRaRTS is a wireless sensor to monitor the temperature of the road surface.

This system is highly useful during winter in places where air temperature and weather conditions determine a potential danger to drivers due to the formation of ice on the road surface.

LoRaRTS is a small device installed underneath the road surface that checks the temperature continuously.
Data are sent to the server through the LoRaWAN network.

This smart IoT sensor is completely wireless and battery-powered. This makes the installation remarkably easy and quick.

The frequency of the messages received on the server can be set to a minimum of one message per minute to a maximum of one message per hour.

A threshold can be set to receive additional alert messages immediately when there is a quick temperature variation.

An optional feature can be turned on to monitor particularly critical intervals, for example between -5°C and +5°C. Under the circumstances, the sensor sends messages with greater frequency to give updates of the situation in almost real-time.

All the settings can be modified remotely via LoRaWAN.


Monitor and forecast the formation of ice on the road surafce

Integrate data with variable message panels to communicate dangers to drivers

Use information to plan operations of salt spreading and snowplough

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