On-street parking

Talking about the Internet of Things, many sensor networks will be designed and installed to monitor the vital parameters of cities to make them smarter and more people-oriented.
Among the most important applications, there is a smart parking system for on-street parking bays. It is possible to realise an intelligent system to help drivers overcome one of the deeply felt problems associated with driving, which is looking for a vacant parking bay.

Therefore, installing one Sky Light Parking Sensor in each bay on-street is the solution to know the number and position of vacant and occupied parking spaces across the whole city in real-time.

on-street parking

Sky Light Parking Sensor sends data to a LoRaWAN network server automatically each time a parking bay becomes vacant or occupied. This information can be used by apps for many purposes.

For example, drivers looking for on-street parking can be guided towards vacant spots near their destination. Third-party companies can develop applications for many purposes, like paying for parking.

Besides, parking managers and local administrations can know the occupation rate, how many spaces are occupied but not paid for, statistics on average parking time, revenue.

Smart parking solutions have a positive impact both on users and administration. City management obtains a raise of the incomes from parking payments and a reduction of the costs to control, manage and issue tickets for illegal parking.

At the same time, drivers can find parking more easily, reducing traffic, pollution and fuel consumption.

Sky Light Parking Sensor has also BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, which is useful to recognise users. In this way, a specific user is associated with a reserved parking space. Thanks to an application for smartphone, the system identifies if the person who parked is authorised to stay and sends alerts to the police force automatically in case of illegal situations.



Elimination of weak points of wiring as layout restrictions and cable break


Three detection technologies combined with an advanced algorithm


Easy and fast operations during road maintenance activities


Protocols for data decoding are free and open to whoever wants to develop app and software based on the sensors


Wireless sensor for parking bay occupancy detection


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