Reserved parking bays

An interesting application of smart systems for parking management is to recognise allowed users automatically when parking in reserved parking bays.

Parking spaces reserved for particular users can be loading zones, parking bays reserved for people with disabilities, electric vehicle charging points, parking spaces reserved for tourist buses, car-sharing vehicles, and so on.

Sky Light Parking Sensor is the perfect solution to monitor each parking bay and manage reserved areas. Sky Light Sensor has also BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, which is useful to recognise users. In this way, you can associate a specific user with a reserved parking space.

Installing one Sky Light Sensor in each parking bay is the solution to know the number and position of vacant and occupied parking bays across the whole city in real-time.

reserved parking

Sky Light Parking Sensor sends data to the server automatically each time a parking space becomes vacant or occupied. Thanks to an application for smartphones or a hardware token, the system identifies if the person who parked is authorised to stay and sends alerts automatically in case of illegal situations. Data transmission to the server can be via LoRaWAN or NB-IoT, which are two of the most used standards for IoT sensor networks in smart cities.

Sky Light Parking Sensor allows cities and parking managers to understand the usage of reserved parking bays, like what is the average duration of a parking session, where are the most occupied areas, what time of the day the bays are mostly used.



Elimination of weak points of wiring as layout restrictions and cable break


Three detection technologies combined with an advanced algorithm


Easy and fast operations during road maintenance activities


Data are available to build apps for users and administrators and software integrated with PA back-office


Wireless sensor for parking bay occupancy detection


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