Sky Light Sensor is a cutting-edge solution to manage urban mobility in Smart Cities. It is extremely versatile: using a different algorithm for each specific application, it allows you to detect the passage or parking of cars, buses, trains and aircraft.

To solve traffic issues, one may need to count vehicles in traffic flows, monitor their average speed, control traffic signal timing based on actual traffic conditions in real-time.

Parking bay monitoring is also a key to reduce traffic congestion in the city. Sensors can monitor the occupation of on-street parking bays, paid parking spaces, disc parking bays, or parking bays reserved to specific users or applications such as disabled people, car-sharing users, electric vehicle charging stations, loading operators, tourist buses and so on.


Three detection technologies Ambient light sensor (Italian patent number 0001379287), active infrared sensor, geomagnetic sensor. The combination of three different detection technologies guarantees an impressive accuracy.
LoRaWAN Besides a proprietary radio transmission protocol, Sky Light Sensor is also available with LoRaWAN radio technology Possibility to share the same IoT network with other sensors and devices. LoRaWAN is a low power and low range connectivity that guarantees security at a low price.
Easy installation
The sensor is wireless and it is installed in a hole in the pavement having a diameter of 130 mm and a depth of 80 mm. You just need common road-work tools to perform installation operations. Operations can be really quick without interrupting traffic flows on all the lanes at the same time, since no wires are required.
Quick maintenance procedure
The sensor can be pulled out since it has an external case that is fixed in the pavement. Sensors are fastened with security screws to the external case. Sensor replacement in few minutes without interrupting traffic flows completely.
Energy autonomous device Sky Light Sensor is powered by a long life battery. The system can work even where grid electricity is not available.
Wireless technology prevents cable fault or breakage. Small data packets are sent to the server where they can be easily decoded. High reliability of the system. Also, no wires means no restrictions on the choice of the installation layout.
Battery replacement service Sky Light Sensor can be refurbished at the end of its battery life by our qualified technicians It is also possible to replace some components like the glass window and plastic elements. This service leads to remarkable savings since the system can be entirely updated.