Parking Angel

Parking Angel is a patented system by Nabla Quadro for automatic management of parking bays reserved to specific users or vehicles. For example, it is useful to manage parking bays for disabled people, loading zones, electric vehicle charging stations or emergency vehicles.

Each parking bay is monitored by a wireless Sky Light Parking Sensor, which is installed in the pavement. Data are sent to the server with LoRaWAN radio technology.

When a vehicle occupies a parking bay, the system is able to identify whether the driver has a permit to park in the controlled bay or not, thanks to the Bluetooth connection (BLE Beacon) and the Parking Angel app installed on the smartphones of the users.

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If some users can’t use their phones, a specific hardware token can be given to users with the same authorization functions.

Authorization is managed through automatic passwords generated from the application. The system is not able to identify or communicate to Nabla Quadro any personal details such as the name of the driver who is parking in a specific bay, or his phone number or the MAC address of the device. This is a specific choice of the company to protect the user’s privacy.

For those projects aimed at raising awareness towards a particular group of users being entitled to a reserved parking bay (e.g. disabled people), local signals as leds or buzzers can be added to the system to attract attention on the infringements, while communicating also to police authority remotely.

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The mobile app Parking Angel has been developed in collaboration with ResIOT™ by UBLSOFTWARE and it is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Disabled people

Loading zones

EV charging stations

School buses


Emergency vehicles

Police vehicles

Tour buses


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