Drivers have to face many challenges every day, like being stuck in traffic jams, waiting in line at traffic lights, especially during rush hours, wasting time to look for a parking space. This is why city planning is crucial to give citizens a higher life quality, also taking into account all aspects of urban mobility.

Many studies reported the impact of the traffic on the city life. Here are some numbers.

Travel time reduction thanks to adaptive traffic light management
Waiting time reduction thanks to real time traffic light management
Traffic generated by drivers looking for a vacant parking bay
Travel time reduction for public transportation thanks to priority systems

Traffic monitoring is crucial for smart mobility management. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are a valid instrument to observe traffic flows and parking bay occupation so to have real-time updates on the situation.

Sky Light Sensor can be a solution to manage urban mobility.


In-block and off-block time
Aircraft parking monitoring, ground vehicle operation management, taxi and bus access
on-street parking
Parking bay monitoring and identification of users with BLE technology for countless applications
Vehicle counting, speed monitoring, classification by length, real-time traffic light management