Parked vehicles location in production facility


A big company which builds forklifts commissioned a project to identify the position of their vehicles during all the manufacturing process until the moment they are parked in a large parking lot before being delivered to customers.

The project was made possible by Parking Angel system using 400 Sky Light Parking Sensors e 400 hardware tokens. One sensor is placed in each parking bay, and the tokens are placed inside the forklifts.
When a vehicle stops in a monitored position, the onboard token communicates its ID number to the sensor. Then, the sensor sends information to the server.

Using this system, the customer can see on its management dashboard the position of every forklift inside the factory.
This project is useful to increase the efficiency of operations inside the manufacturing plant because it reduces the use of time due to the search of vehicles in a huge parking area.


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Parked vehicles location in production facility
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30 January 2024