Monitoring of paid parking bays in Trento


The City of Trento is part of the project called C-Roads Italy 2 for development and implementation of C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems) systems.

One of the activities in charge of the Municipality was the realization of a smart parking project to monitor the occupancy of paid parking bays in the city. Over 1000 Sky Light Parking Sensors have been installed during 2022 in selected areas of the city. The sensors are located in 1 out of 3 on-street parking bays, and they send data to the server every time a vehicle arrives at the bay or leaves it in real time using the LoRaWAN network.

The objective of the project is to collect valuable information about the frequency and duration of use by citizens. This is useful to evaluate the sufficiency of parking availability and parking pricing policies.

For further information about C-Roads Italy 2 project please visit the official website at the link below.


Wireless sensor for parking bay occupancy detection


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Monitoring of paid parking bays in Trento
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6 April 2023